A Love So Strong And True

A Love So Strong And True by Anita Sinfield

My Heart is over flowing with a Love so strong and true.
Where is this Love coming from?
I know JESUS its from YOU.
You are with me every single moment every second of every day.
And I just want to lift my hands
and Worship You and say.
Oh JESUS how I Love YOU .
YOU are everything to Me.
YOU are Faithful YOU are caring.YOU do not disappoint Me.
Everything about YOU is Wonderful to see.
I only Pray in My Heart LORD
That YOU will change Me.
So I can be more like YOU.
In all I do and say.
As I am conscious of YOUR LOVE
LORD This is what I pray.
The World is hurting there is so much sin..
People have turned away from.YOU.
I want them LORD to come to know.
I pray that heavy hearts that are made of stone.
Will not settle until they return home.
Home to the One who Loved them who died that They might Live
and I pray LORD when They realize this.
Their Lives to YOU They will give.

by Anita Sinfield  

Anita Sinfield writes about her poem above: The Poem is not just words. They are a Testimony. To the Faithfulness of ABBA FATHER..
       Amen Anita! A Testimony to the faithfulness of ABBA FATHER…In your poem that GOD gave you, you express your DEEP LOVE for HIM! PRAISE THE LORD! Thank you Anita for allowing me to share your poem here on my website to bless people and GLORIFY GOD! GOD bless you always!

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