Artist Bio to GLORIFY GOD!

About Me:

I’ve been singing and playing piano in churches and other ministry venues since becoming a Christian in 1974. I have a B.A. in piano (minor in voice) from the University of Central Florida. Before 2008, I had only written a few songs for the Lord. But starting in 2008, God opened the floodgates, and I’ve been writing and recording songs in different styles and genres as fast as He gives them to me. He enabled me to make 2 CD’s “Only By Grace”, and “Only By Grace II”. I awake most mornings with new songs in my heart, worshiping Him throughout the day and night, as I record the new songs He gives me. My life’s purpose is to GLORIFY GOD! I pray my songs, videos, and poetry will touch people’s hearts and draw them closer to Him. It’s ONLY BY GRACE!